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Privacy Policy

When you take advantage of the "Send to a Friend" feature on SITS7.com a copy is auto forwarded to the webmaster for security purposes.

We respect and value your privacy, so we assure you that none of your contact information will ever be sold, shared, or exchanged with any outside sources, and if it must be saved by the webmaster it will only be stored offline. This is a permanent policy.

Upon visiting SITS7.com our servers collect the standard statistical information just like every other website in the world. This includes what browser you were using, when you visited, what pages you read, how long you stayed, your IP address, and what country you are from. Such information is used only for the purpose of website customization and helping us improve the SITS7.com website. If you do not wish to have such information gathered you can visit SITS7.com through any available anonymous proxy server.

We do not track any visitor's web habits, we do not place cookies on your computer, and we do not use advertising trackers.